North West – Is the Best!


Our class was so lucky this week to get to visit the National Historic Site at Rocky Mountain House.  Our interpreters led us on an adventure like no other!

We started off as members of the North West Company. We learned a ton about the lives that these voyageurs must have led.

How did they keep clean?  How did they feel about their rivals, the Hudson’s Bay Company?  How did they travel?  What kinds of relationships did they build during Canada’s fur trade?

All these questions (and more) were answered when we were able to be part of a large re-enactment of an actual trade.  There were 2 groups of First Nations people, The HBC men, the Metis, and our NWC men — all represented by a grade four class from IREC.  It was amazing. If you get a chance to visit this spot — it’s definitely worth your time!