Book Buddies Bonanza!

We had a fantastic bit of time this afternoon reading with grade one buddies. We can learn a whole lot from them!

This is how it works:

1. We (the grade fours) partner up a grade one student.

2.  The grade one student brings their “GOOD FIT” books with them and reads a page to us.

3.  We listen to and coach the new reader – offering strategies when needed.

4.  The grade one student then listens to us read with fluency and expression. 

5.  Every time a page is completed – the listener summarizes the events and characters that they’ve learned about.

It was fantastic. We practice active listening, summarizing of main events, and fluent reading. The grade ones have a super cool friend to read to and get helpful tips from.

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Adventures in Orienteering!

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We DO love orienteering.  Practicing fun, fitness and fairplay while using our mapping skills to find markers is a great activity in these last few days of warm, summer weather.  We’re problem solving, using teamwork and deepening our understanding of new skills. Outstanding!