Boxcar Brilliance 2014


Chromebook Beginnings…

So, today was a big day in 4Wo.  We got to use a set of Chromebooks! A Chromebook is an internet dependent laptop.  Once connected to the school’s network, students are able to access the internet, practice skills, share documents with one another (and their teacher), be creative, and collaborate with one another.  The possibilities are endless!

Today was just the beginning of our Chromebook journey. We discovered how to log ourselves on, connect to the network, and use a couple of internet based websites (Sum Dog and IXL Math).  The students were attentive, motivated and enthusiastic about practicing their math facts.  We had fun!

Stay tuned for more great Chromebook discoveries to come!

Geoffrey and Kaytie Josh and Nick D. Kyle Layne


What a Load of Rubbish!

We visited the landfill this morning.  I know, I know, who gets excited about going to the landfill?  We do!

This trip marks the culmination of a ton of learning about waste in our grade four science unit, Waste and Our World.  We saw first hand how waste is sorted, piled, and buried.  We spent some quality time with a LARGE flock of seagulls atop a gigantic mound of garbage.  Then, we cruised by the “diversion” area, where all the good stuff happens – reusing and recycling.  Quiz your grade four student on some of the things you spot in the following slide show.

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Adventures in Orienteering!

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We DO love orienteering.  Practicing fun, fitness and fairplay while using our mapping skills to find markers is a great activity in these last few days of warm, summer weather.  We’re problem solving, using teamwork and deepening our understanding of new skills. Outstanding!