Radish Sprouts are on the Menu!

IMG_5272In grade four we learn about Plant Growth and Change in Science. This year, we thought we try something new and plant and EAT sprouts that we’ve grown right in our classroom.  Tomorrow is the big day for our Diakon Radish sprouts – we’ll cut them, rinse them and enjoy!





Simple Machines Make Your Butter Better

It turns out… we love butter.  We also think this simple machine is fascinating.

Inside the gear box, we have 36 cogs on one gear and 12 cogs on the other.  This means that for every one turn of the handle, the paddles in the jug turn 3 times   (36 divided by 12 = 3).  That’s great bang for your buck!  We get a ton of work done with very little effort.


Gears of the Churn



Paper Whites

So, our paper whites were ‘scheduled’ to bloom on January 19th. It’s December 29th.  Here’s what’s happening…



They’ve bloomed already! I guess I’ll make my way to the store to buy another batch for observing in the New Year.


Some stuff we’ve been up to…


This happened on Tuesday.   One day of the week we have gym either outside or in our classroom.  Yoga is a great way to test our flexibility and try challenging poses.  Namaste.

IMG_4365 IMG_4366 (1) IMG_4364 IMG_4370

This is a while back — but I snapped a few pictures, so I thought I’d share. Our red wrigglers have been working overtime, munching away on fruit and veggie scraps from our lunches.

We don’t have enough worms to feed them everyday, but we try to feed them every couple of weeks.  No mess, no smell and a great way to discover how worms, bacteria and fungi help us to get rid of natural waste.


We also have reading buddies with Mr. Webb’s grade twos every week.  We make terrific role models for good reading behaviors and get to work on our reading fluency as the same time.




Learning about the Landfill

What a day!  We made our way to the Red Deer Waste Management Facility and learned a ton of stuff.

 It’s so great to see all that we’ve been learning about IN ACTION!

Copy of IMG_4261

You’re weighed on the way in AND on the way out. That’s how they figure out how much trash you’ve dropped off.


This is where you can drop off household hazardous waste.  It should NOT go to the tipping face.


This is where you will take most of your trash if you take it to the landfill.  Items in these big orange bins end up at the tipping face.


This is an empty cell. The liner is ready to go into the bottom.


This is the tipping face.


 Wooden pallets are turned to mulch.

IMG_4273 IMG_4274

Shingles and drywall are also recycled.


 Scrap metal and fridge and freezer recycling.

IMG_2702 IMG_4279

 Last year’s pile of porcelain. This year’s pile.

IMG_4284 IMG_4286

Propane and Helium containers.  Tire recycling.


Gearing up!

IMG_3291Today, we used one of these to make butter from whipping cream.

Why?  Well, we’ve been learning about gears in our Simple Machines unit and this machine is amazing!  Take a look inside the gear box.

Gears of the ChurnWe learned that the gear ratio is almost 3:1.  There are 35 teeth on the driver gear and 12 teeth on the driven gear (Michiaiah counted!) This means for every one time that we turn the handle, the paddles inside turn almost 3 times! This makes our work easier.


Here’s what happened…

First we took turns.

Kayden turning

We checked our progress:  Frothy cream anyone?

Frothy Cream

This looks better.


We strained away the buttermilk. Miss Woitas is having buttermilk pancakes for dinner tonight!

Butter 2

We rinsed off the remaining buttermilk.

Washing away the buttermilk

 Some of us were even brave enough to sample the finished product.

IMG_3292 IMG_3293

Gears – they make work happen!