Snow Man Show Down

Oh, what a beautiful day.  7 degrees C. Sun shining. Kids laughing. Tons of exercise.

There was a whole lot of huffing and puffing involved in getting these snow people built. The snow was perfect – wet and sticky.  But these qualities also make it super heavy. We persevered and an army of snow men and women (and even one snow-alien) are now standing at the far end of the school playground.  Way to go, 4Wo! IMG_4558IMG_4580IMG_4579IMG_4567IMG_4560IMG_4570IMG_4563IMG_4572IMG_4559IMG_4569IMG_4576IMG_4573IMG_4566IMG_4578IMG_4581


This week in pictures…

Our first Alien In Line Session includes some important safety instructions and equipment information:

This class is full of good listeners!


This is my failed attempt at a panoramic shot to get everyone in… I’ll try again tomorrow.

IMG_3799 IMG_3796 IMG_3800 IMG_3797


The following pics are from our trip to the Junior Campus.  Wow!  They did a great job of welcoming us!  Popcorn, circus-stations, ice cream… fun!


Our Sea of Orange

IMG_3805Check our Crew’s form.  (Water-balloon bowling)
IMG_3807Ran into these characters fresh from face painting.


A new piece of artwork.


Hole in One?

Photo by Lisa Joy


Photo by Lisa Joy

Finally, the following is a link to the WeVideo presented to the grade fours at their Farewell Assembly.  Enjoy!






Drumming Circles, Reading Buddies and Other Great Stuff

This was so much fun.  4Wo was invited to spend a bit of time learning how to drum (Thanks, Mrs. Holoboff!).  Our facilitator was fantastic; teaching us about leaving ‘space’ for one another in our circle, letting loose a little (or a lot) and hammering out some dramatic beats.   This, we agreed, was a banging good time!


Say hello to a few of our reading buddies.  We do our best to meet with our buddies once a week to read, play games, and most importantly – be leaders!  The students in 4Wo love their buddies, and I know their buddies love them back.  Being a positive and patient role model is a valuable lesson!

IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2936


I thought the mild weather was giving our snowmen some grief.  Turns out – Mason is a much bigger problem for them.  Warning – a snowman may have been harmed in the making of this video…



A Small Window of Opportunity…

The weather in Alberta is interesting, to say the least.

When we came to school it was about -22 with the windchill.  This afternoon is warmed up to -9!  We strapped on our snowshoes and got to work playing Noodle-Tag.  It’s supposed to get chilly again this evening – so we made the most of this small moment of favorable weather!

IMG_2920Noodle – Warriors


I caught this one.


Check out Marley – she came for a visit at the end of our game. Jordon is her proud owner.


The snow chair.


Merry Christmas!

Just a few things to get you all caught up with where we’re at in 4Wo…

Our Red Lion Amaryllis has decided that it’s getting ready to bloom already.  This was not scheduled to happen until at least the middle of January!  I guess it loves the sunshine in this classroom as much as I do.  I told the students that I would post pictures here as soon as it’s in full bloom – which shouldn’t be long.


We’ve been taking an opportunity to enjoy a bit of yoga during our PE time this week. Our classroom has been doubling as a very serene yoga studio!

IMG_2816Yesterday, as a wrap up to our Science unit covering Waste and our World, we enjoyed making an edible model of a landfill – complete with all the parts.  It was delicious!

IMG_2817 IMG_2818 IMG_2821 IMG_2819Here are a few student comments about this fun project:

” I liked that we made a presentation about a landfill, and it was yummy.”

“My favorite part was the leachate (syrup).”

“My favorite part was the ice cream sandwich – it represents the trash”

Maybe one of these tree decorations came home this week?  We made them on Monday as part of Art class.  These kids are origami masters!

IMG_0006 (1)

I do hope all of you enjoy your holiday break!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back here on January 5th, 2015!  

Merry Christmas!


A Most Fabulous Fall Day…

Our school and class enjoyed a fantastic fall day on Friday. Our Fall Frenzy saw kids improving their fitness, enjoying their friends, and full of broad smiles.  Many thanks to the army of volunteers who shared their time, words of encouragement and positive messages to the line ups of students at each station. Well done. We appreciate so much the help you offer us on special days like these!

IMG_2597 IMG_2601 IMG_2611 IMG_2613 IMG_2618 IMG_2619



Finding our Way

Last week was a great one -the weather, the activities,  and the enthusiasm!  We’re gearing up for our annual Terry Fox run, and are especially anxious to reach our school goal of $5000.  If we manage this amount, the teachers, additional staff and administration will be participating in a fashion show!  This won’t be just ANY kind of fashion show, but one where the students will decide what it is we strut down the runway in.  I am excited and only a tiny bit afraid!  Mr. W should be very afraid – the staff will be figuring out his attire!  Can’t wait!

We’ve also been testing out our orienteering skills; using maps and working with partners to find hidden markers around the school yard.  This has proven to be a very popular PE/Social Studies activity, as I’m asked daily, “Are we orienteering today??”  We’ll try to set a few courses each week until the snow flies (again) so that we can take advantage of the fabulous autumn temperatures.

Copy of IMG_2442 Copy of IMG_2445 Copy of IMG_2441 Copy of IMG_2440 Copy of IMG_2438 Copy of IMG_2437 Copy of IMG_2435Copy of IMG_2433

In Language Learning, we’ve been working hard to increase our stamina during ‘Read to Self’ and ‘Working on Writing’ time. The students seem very goal oriented and are ready to show me that they can read or write the whole time, work quietly at their task, and pick “good fit” books.   It is very reassuring to see how many of them are familiar with these routines from their teachers in previous years.  Our new students are catching on super-quickly as well.

In Math, we’re identifying and describing patterns and using them to solve problems.  Be sure to ask your child to describe the patterns they see in their everyday world.  How does the pattern start?  Are the numbers increasing or decreasing?   By how much is it increasing or decreasing?  Next up in math will be place value to the 10 000 position.

We’ve also began our review of digital citizenship.  This means we’ve been talking about being respectful and making good choices while online.  These lessons are key to our success with technology throughout the school year and beyond.  Here are the main points that we’ve covered so far:

1.  Be nice to one another. Apply the “golden rule” online. 

2. Guard your privacy.  What people know about you is up to you. 

3. Protect your reputation. Everything online takes place in front of  a large number of strangers.  What kind of impression do you want to make?  

4.  Be smart, be safe. Not everyone online is who they say they are. 

5.  Take a break from the internet.  Watch the clock; balance your life!

Click here to learn more about this week’s lesson on digital citizenship!

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